Silly String is often used during weddings, birthday parties, carnivals and other festive occasions, but when you have an inflatable bouncer at your party, you must not use silly string in or on the inflatable unit. Many people don’t understand why they can not use both silly string and bounce house to celebrate their child’s birthday, this article written by bounce house manufacturer will tell you the damages of silly string on the inflatable jumpers.

Why canned spray strings in any form are strictly prohibited in or around the inflatable at any time?

Silly String is made of a mixture of components dispersed throughout a liquid solvent in the product’s aerosol can. Most inflatable structures are made of vinyl material. When the silly string comes in contact with vinyl, a chemical in silly string will cause the silly string to adhere to the inflatable surface and has the residue in it. The residue could degrade the vinyl integrity and fire retardant, chemical will burn into the inflatable and causing a black mark. This is no good for your bounce house maintenance.

When you try to clean the silly string off the inflatable, you will find that the silly string stains the vinyl almost like gum on concrete and will take you hours to clean off. Also, harsh chemicals must be used in order to remove the silly string and its residue, such as Goo Gone, Goof Off, and Goof Off 2. The damages on the vinyl and stitching seams created by silly string are unseen, so it’s almost impossible to get all of the silly string and residue off. If you rent a bounce house from the rental company and left some silly string on it, the company will implement a cleaning fee to you between $100.00 – $500.00 or up to full replacement of the unit!

In addition to these disadvantages of canned spray strings on inflatable structures, there is also a certain risk for children safety. The silly string with harmful chemicals can get into children’s eyes and mouth when they are jumping around inside a bounce house. Kids laughing and yelling, and the silly string ejected in the air, it is more likely to get in someone’s eyes and mouth. Furthermore, the chemical will also cause the bounce floor to become extremely slippery, which is very dangerous for children and may cause slip hazards. Imagine children colliding and bumping heads on the bounce house and you won’t want to see that happens to your child.

Although the canned spray strings are very fun at the parties, but it’s not a good idea to allow children spray silly string inside the bounce house. You must understand that using silly string on the inflatable bouncer is not only unsafe for your kids, but can also damage your inflatable unit. If you own this inflatable bounce house, then you have to spend a lot of time cleaning it and may reduce its life. If you rent it from others, you could be charged a high cleaning fee or damage fee. For the safety of your kids and the beautiful bounce house, you must say no to the child’s request to spray silly string inside the bouncy house. I promise they can still have an awesome birthday party.